Our Dutch products

Logo gelsectan


A medical device to relieve and prevent the symptoms of IBS.

logo Vitotaal - Natuurlijke producten op basis van enkelvoudige kruiden. 100% natuurlijk en zuiver.


Natural products based on simple herbs. 100% natural and pure.

Logo Cerique - Deospray zonder parfum. Een huidvriendelijke samenstelling voor de gevoelige huid.


A gentle composition suitable for sensitive skin.


Logo Knof - Combinatie van knoflook, vitamines en antioxidanten voor verhoging van de vitaliteit.


For maintaining a strong vascular wall and supporting the immune system.

BronzCare logo - Voedingssupplement dat de cellen helpt beschermen tegen schade door UV-straling.


Nutritional supplement that helps protect cells against damage from UV radiation.

Prostacaps logo - Ondersteunt de blaas en de prostaat. Bevat Pompoenpit en zaagbladpalm.


Supports the bladder and prostate. Contains pumpkin seeds and saw palmetto.

FatEater logo - Voedingssupplement dat het normale vetmetabolisme ondersteunt.


Nutritional supplement that supports normal fat metabolism.

Edelcrydt logo - Multivitamine met plantenextracten. Bevat Echinacea, Ginkgo en Ginseng.


Multivitamin with plant extracts. Contains Echinacea, ginkgo and ginseng.


Perfusion solution for myocardial protection


For kidney, liver, pancreas and heart preservation

Our Belgian products


Medical device for re-wetting contact lenses while they’re being worn.


Medical device for the treatment of mild and moderate knee osteoarthritis.


Nutritional supplement with collagen hydrolysate and vitamin C.

Colex Klysma®

Solution for rectal use.


Laxatives with osmotic effect.


Microorganisms against diarrhoea.


Treatment of heartburn and gastro-oesophageal reflux.


Medical device for relieving and preventing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.


Osmotic laxative. Concentrate for drink.


Medicine for inflammatory bowel disease.  


Blood substitutes and perfusion solutions.


For kidney, liver, pancreas and heart preservation


Antiseptic and detergent cream.

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